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4 Advantages of Working With a Freight Logistics Partner

No matter who your customers are, what you sell, or what markets you serve, in the end, your performance is measured by your ability to meet consumer demand. If you miss that critical delivery date, you’ll work endlessly to win back your customer’s confidence or, worse, lose a long-standing customer relationship.

Partnering with a professional freight logistics company can reduce unnecessary risks while allowing you to focus more effort and labor on production.

Besides reducing labor costs and preventing risks, there are four key advantages of working with a freight logistics partner.

1: Improved Organization

Today’s businesses save a tremendous amount of money, time, and resources by outsourcing certain functions. Vendor consolidation programs help companies reduce costs and free up valuable warehouse space. Outsourcing accounting, marketing, and manufacturing is commonplace. Freight transportation is no different.

Outsourcing your freight logistics to a proactive team of professionals will make a real difference to your operations. A third-party provider manages all aspects of logistics with one all-encompassing goal—providing premium service and flexibility to ensure on-time deliveries by planning, scheduling, managing, coordinating, and tracking door-to-door deliveries.

2. Money Savings

Working with a freight transportation partner provides considerable savings. A freight transportation and logistics company will help your business avoid costly penalties by ensuring you’re always compliant with state and federal regulations. Their proactive freight management strategies can also reduce the high costs of product damage caused by poor transport practices.

Furthermore, freight costs are a significant inventory cost driver. Most companies recognize that expedited freight charges in and out of their warehouse are a direct inventory cost. In several instances, rush shipments occur because of poor scheduling and planning or a lack of available resources.

A professional logistics provider can reduce or mitigate these costs, and those savings go right to your bottom line. In addition, a third-party provider will constantly negotiate rates on your behalf to help you get the best value for your dollar. When you consider the savings from guaranteed compliance, reduced freight surcharges, and more robust negotiation, it becomes abundantly clear that partnering with the right freight transportation provider can make a real difference.

3. Better Transparency

Think about what your customers value most. It isn’t you telling them what you think they want to hear. It’s having access to real-time information. It’s having access to the truth, so they can make course corrections or adjustments if needed. Not knowing or being fed inaccurate information damages customer relationships.

Third-party freight logistics companies have real-time shipment and asset tracking that provides the level of transparency that customers want. There’s no guesswork involved. Your customers get the up-to-the-minute information they need. If an unforeseen event causes a delay, the 24/7 tracking software used by third-party providers will inform customers of this delay. And while they may be disappointed that their package isn’t being delivered on time, they will have peace of mind knowing it hasn’t been lost, damaged, or delivered to the wrong location. 

4. Time Savings

Lastly, with a third-party freight partner, you can focus on your business instead of spending an excessive amount of time, resources, and money resolving and dealing with supply chain disruptions. No more spending vital resources and time resolving customs clearance issues and wasting valuable time correcting bills of lading or other critical freight documents. By working with a third-party provider, all these components are handled for you. 

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