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The 4 Key Benefits of Team Driver Jobs

Much like the name implies, team driver jobs involve two drivers who operate the same vehicle on the same route, and both share in the driving, transport, and unloading responsibilities.

While hitting the open road alone has always been one of the more intriguing parts of being a truck driver, the benefits of team truck driving jobs simply cannot be ignored. 

Benefit #1: Increased Earning Potential

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations state that property-carrying drivers must have ten consecutive hours “off-duty” before initiating a 14-hour on-duty shift and that only 11 of those 14 hours can be spent driving. These regulations also stipulate that truck drivers cannot exceed 60 hours of work over seven days or 70 hours over eight days. This is commonly referred to as the 60/70 rule.

While these regulations protect truck drivers from driver fatigue, they invariably limit how many miles a solo truck driver can travel in a given week. This is not a concern for team truck drivers who can operate their trucks for longer periods. While one truck driver drives, the other driver sleeps.

Because team drivers can be on the road longer, they have the potential to make more money.

Benefit #2: Shared Driving Responsibilities

Covering greater distances in a shorter time certainly helps both drivers earn more. Still, an equally beneficial aspect of team driving is the ability to share the driving and daily responsibilities. There are many responsibilities placed on a solo driver that are much easier shared between two people, including loading and unloading shipments, safeguarding important documentation, and, more importantly—operating the vehicle.

Benefit #3: Enhanced Safety Standards

According to the FMCSA, up to 13 % of truck drivers who experienced an accident were fatigued when the accident occurred. Even with the FMCSA’s stringent regulations, driver fatigue is still an issue.

When two drivers are handling a route, this ensures that neither driver is too fatigued to operate the vehicle. This results in the safety of the drivers, other drivers on the road, and the shipment itself. 

Benefit #4: Priority Loads

Aside from the higher per-mile earning potential, team drivers are also given more priority loads, which must be delivered within a specific period.

High-priority loads have higher pay because the delivery timeline is strict. Solo drivers often cannot make the delivery due to the FMCSA’s regulations. However, team drivers can operate 24/7, ensuring the priority load arrives on time.

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